Painting Lessons

Painting on Canvas

Painting is a way of expression, a “language” of communication between people. An international and intercultural language.

“I paint = I live + I write” that is, painting is a living writing. Before we even learn to express ourselves through the written word, we express ourselves through the language of painting.
So we can all paint. As we learn to write, so we learn to draw.

Art is the creative will, expressed through a material … The artist makes his thought visible without the mediation of verbal concepts.



There are faces all around us. Some of us would like to paint some faces of the house, other faces that impressed us, the face of our child and why not our own face. But how do we paint the face? Where to start? How to “set it up” on our paper? Why many times our crate is not enough to paint the neck and only one head is left? How do we know how big or small the face should be so that it does not come out of our paper before we paint it because then it will be too late to correct it? There are many questions and queries, but everything will be corrected and answered.


Although landscape painting is thought to have reached its peak in the 19th century, it is still of interest to us.

This is because the cultural identity and psychosynthesis of each people are intertwined with the natural environment that hosts them and consequently with its depictions as a landscape.

Also, national identity is determined by both historical and geographical heritage. Landscape is a paradoxically abstract concept, because it is not an existing object, “but a construction of our culture and our mind.”


The abstract concept in painting is perhaps one of the most complex forms of art. When abstraction takes place in the language of the artist, there is more than one position beyond reality or the appearance of shapes or value that may not correspond to the reality. Abstract painting depicts mental behavior, emotions, ways of expressing desires, etc.

Abstract painting is more complex than documentary, but it shows great power when the painter is really free to invent without the formal obstacles. There are no limits to the painter’s freedom to remove other than the materials he uses.