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I am born in Germany, but I’m leaving in Thessaloniki, Greece since 1980. As a kid, painting was my relaxation. I remember hours and hours of drawing & painting, enjoying the game to create something in a simple paper, mixing colours was fascinating me.  In the world of painting I was the creator, I was the one who can do whatever I wish and that was extremely tempting for me. I grew up knowing that creating art would be my life destination.

So, the decision what shall I study wasn’t difficult for me.  My first degree was in arts from the High School of Fine Arts University in Athens and the second degree was from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, where I studied interior architecture, decorative arts and design.  I had the honour to represent my country in many countries of the European community as well as in a biennale in Barcelona in 1997 « 307 Fiesta De La Vendimia Del Condado – Turismo Y Cultura» among many new artists from all over Europe. I also participated in many exhibitions in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Skyros etc as well as in Berlin and in 2015 I participated in      « SuppArting students», a movement in Greece, and  at gallery Turker Robbins & Gling Young under the supervision of HRF in New York as an artist. The last twenty years I’m teaching in private schools to adults and kids as well in a government school with special need kids, which shows that I believe art has no age neither limits, you can transfer the knowledge to everyone and anyhow.

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