The creativity among us


Art, Creations & Needs

Art needs to align body and soul, which is important. Art can show you ways and paths you couldn’t imagine or expecting that they exist. Art has the power to make you feel, be emotional, unique, travelling far away from this world inside your own truth.


Research shows that people enjoy what a human being has created more than a machine has created, even if the images are almost identical. Memory-related parts of the brain are more stimulated – perhaps because it retrieves information about art and culture that it has enjoyed in the past.

The Art of Perseverance

Personal note …… What is Art?

Is there a single definition to describe the meaning of Art?      Probably not…!!!
One makes art to create, to express oneself, and of course as different and special as he is, in terms of appearance, character, perceptions, influences, etc., so unique are the works that the artist creates and considers them Art.

But as a creator, my honesty, the deposition of flesh and soul in my work, is the most important … Sometimes I intend to make the viewer angry, ponder, move or feel calm. Other paintings will make you relax, others will make you worry, others may scare you, but surely my purpose is to feel emotions.

Also, the view that Art and the “beautiful” do not necessarily coexist…(which I completely agree with), allows you to create… to imagine… to travel….

First, you the creator, and then the spectator of your Art !!!

The Art has the power to take you on a journey, can and do open roads for you, get you to places that you have not imagined, places that you never expected to find, it can only be “your own truth”…. !!!!

So indulge in this journey without hesitation, without limits and thoughts… Besides, Art has no limits….

(except for the ones you put… !!!)

“Art for Art’s Sake”. All it requires is an open mind, big imagination and be experimental. There is no right or wrong answer, Abstract Art is open to interpretation, gives you the freedom to explore the work and assign your own meaning to a piece. Abstract Art requires inventiveness that invites you to discover yourself, the first step is to prepare yourself to look beyond the things you already know or recognize. Abstract Paintings doesn’t allow you to decide everything, rather it requires you to act……

Few things you need to know

Painting is a way of expression, a “language” of communication between people. An international and intercultural language. “I paint = I live + I write” that is, painting is a living writing. Before we even learn to express ourselves through the written word, we express ourselves through the language of painting. So we can all paint. As we learn to write, so we learn to draw.

“But don’t you need talent?” The answer; …… «We all write and read without being all writers….»

This means that through this course some of you will move forward and evolve, some others will spend pleasant and creative hours! For them and for them, one thing is for sure:

You will beautify your daily life, you will improve your aesthetics and above all you will learn to observe the world better… !!!!


“Painting” is the concept of function as a whole, ie emotion, thought, experience, creative process, expression and result.



Painting is the art of producing or representing a real or imaginary image, through personal work, with the help of natural means.

Basic skills in painting may be helpful, but it is not necessary. Express your own feeling doesn’t need a drawing after all I’m here helping you to paint easily.

Definition of painting art

 Wikipedia identifies:

“Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface (called the “matrix” or “support”). The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush, but other implements, such as knives, sponges, and airbrushes, can be used.”

For me the definition of painting is:

Is a painting no more than a piece of paper with lines and color or is it more than that? In the hands of the master painter, who is painting in the spirit; the lifeless piece of paper with its lines and colors, is transformed into a creation that has life, just as the master creator gave life to his creation. The painter transmits the essence of his spirit to his creation, the “painting.”

The painting as art served ancient peoples as a medium to purify and refine the human spirit. A painting is the expression of the heart and soul; it transmits cultural messages and the mysteries of the universe. It is born out of the desire of the artist to represent the forms of nature and man through the spirit of the artist as he perceives his world.
An artist not only captures the forms of nature, the artist’s spirit interacts with the spirit of the animals or men he is painting.
His painting captures both the spirit and the message of its subject. All good paintings communicate an emotion or message to the observer. It might be a message of love, harmony or tranquility; or it might be a message of danger, fury, or sadness. It could be a lesson, or something that all of us as humans can identify with, such as a desire to be loved.